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Gaelic Convention on Climate Change

The Outer Hebrides Climate Hub hosted the world's first Gaelic Climate Convention took place in South Uist, on 8 November 2023.

It was attended by Gaelic speakers from across the Outer Hebrides, as well as Skye and the mainland, to look at Gaelic climate change terminology. Both current words and phrases in use were discussed, along with new Gaelic terms suggested and considered, as a way of facilitating Gaelic conversations on climate change.

The convention took place at Cnoc Soilleir, in South Uist and was facilitated by Astar Media and Wee Studio

Time was also spent looking at and discussing the Scottish Government's Just Transition discussion papers, on adaptation, the built environment & construction, and land use & agriculture and ​what 'Just Transition' means to local Gaelic communities.

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