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Climate Hebrides

Climate Hebrides CIC aims to tackle climate change in the Outer Hebrides through  education, training, activities and action.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing communities across the world, not least in the Outer Hebrides. We all need to mitigate and adapt to the impacts of climate change to create a better world for our children to live in. At the same time, rising food and energy costs are an increasing concern.

Climate Hebrides CIC aims to help local communities and organisations navigate the path ahead and provide the training, advice and resources to a create stronger, more equitable and resilient future.

We sew the thread on climate change between you and your group, community, business or organisation, 

operational delivery, strategy and legislation.

The Outer Hebrides Climate Hub is pleased to launch the Ideas into Action Fund for local individuals and groups.

Together as a community we develop projects to support action on climate change resilience, mitigation and adaptation. We are always looking to develop new projects in partnership. 

We welcome groups and individuals on our stakeholder group - help steer our work. We proudly work with the Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership Climate Change Group. 

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